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Snowstorm 2011

As the local TV station calls it- here as some photos from Snowstorm 2011.  Now compared to “Northern” standards we didn’t get a ton of snow. But for here in the south the 8″ we got pretty much paralyzed the area. To add to it, we then got a freezing rain which has turned all of our roads into ice skating rinks. Monday was suppose to be my first day back to class for the Spring term, but obviously school was closed, so I went out and had a little fun sledding with the neighbor.

After the snow fun, we all gathered at the neighbors house and had good eats and lots of fun (thanks Joe and Gayle). But that night after we got home a stomach bug got the best of me and and I spent most of the day Tuesday asleep.(thanks Kim for braving the elements and bringing me Gatorade and apples)

Due to the road conditions school was canceled Tuesday and Wednesday as well. A part of me is hoping they cancel school tomorrow as well, and we can start fresh next week.

Winter Wonderland

Day after Christmas and we have snow everywhere- and the lake has a thin layer of ice


47 Years in the making…

The last white Christmas in Upstate South Carolina was in 1943…

Beauty & the Beast…

03212010 002

Today started out like a beast… it took us 3 hours to go about 30 miles just outside of El Reno, Oklahoma. We spent 2 hours at a complete standstill. But on the bright side we had a beautiful ending to the day as we arrived in Albuquerque, NM. Tomorrow morning we head on to Vegas to see my mom!

03212010 065

Wintry Precipitation…

01292010 011Another evening with a mix and snow and freezing rain.

A blizzard in the making…

The funny thing about the south- if the weatherperson even starts to say the “S” word (snow), everyone freaks out and runs to the store for White Bread and Milk. I don’t mind the snow so much- it’s the ice storms that worry me. It started snowing about 7:30 this morning and should continue for several more hours. When it’s all said and done, we ought to have a nice dusting.

Funny where the snow falls…

Funny where the snow falls...
It’s funny how the whole time I was in Nebraska I was afraid I would get stuck in a snow storm. Ironically I didn’t run into snow until I was almost home. Thankfully it didn’t stick to the roads…. I’m home now- and it feels good!

Day 21 Road Trip- June 9, 2008


Day 21 Road Trip- June 9, 2008
Oh my… is that rain on our windshield? This was our first day with any amount of rain at all. Thanks to our Frogg Toggs we both stayed dry. We even saw a few flakes of snow falling. We decided with the rain and cold, to bypass Seattle this trip- so we didn’t ride the ferry.

Day 21 Road Trip- June 9, 2008

Today was without a doubt a gloves day (I actually had on 2 pairs) – I think it turned out to be probably the coldest day so far of our trip- I’m sure Jan would agree with me on this one! Yup! She agrees…. It was cold!! I would love a nice 75 degree sunny day!

Day 21 Road Trip- June 9, 2008

It ended up raining the majority of the day. I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked to, but my camera lens kept getting wet.

YouTube Preview Image
Snoqualmie Falls, WA -The falls were awesome- it was so misty you couldn’t see the bottom- but WOW! Can you tell- I love waterfalls! The falls are 270 feet high and located between Snoqualmie and Fall City, WA

Day 21 Road Trip- June 9, 2008
We are now in Cle Elum, WA- and plan to be here the next few days- We have a nice warm room and the company of our good friend Cheryle.

Day 6 Road Trip- May 25, 2008


One of my favorite things about traveling on the motorcycle, is how friendly other riders are! The majority of them wave at us as we pass- even those on the other side of the interstate. Not only are the riders friendly, but so are a lot of drivers. We have had a handful of times where people will take pictures or videos of us as we pass- A majority of the truckers wave at us as well. If Jan & I were in a car- no one would ever take notice- But thats not the case on the trike.

6-02I’ve seen so many abandoned places along the road on this trip. This place is west of Albuquerque.


New snow cover on Mt. Taylor , NM6-01

Now I would like to introduce you to “Whipper”. She is the most awesome antenna buddy.


Yesterday we bought some new seat cushions- Oh my goodness my butt feels so much better today. Amazing what a little gel cushion can do for a girls back side.

6-05We spent a few hours of our day listening to the Atlanta Braves vs the Arizona Diamond Back on our XM Radio. Unfortuneately our beloved Braves pretty much fell on their faces and lost to the Diamond Backs 9-3. Chipper Jones was on the DL- the Braves usually lose when he’s not playing- all I have to say is “Get Better Chipper!”


I think we have seen more trains today than we have all the other days of the trip put together.

6-07Our day started out absolutely beautiful. It was a bit cool- but the winds were calm- that is for the first 150 miles- after that- we had high crosswinds again- I’m starting to sound like a broken record. I hope tomorrow brings us calmer winds. PLEASE WIND GODS!


Entering Arizona- although by this picture you can’t tell- I was all set to get a photo of the “Welcome to Arizona” sign- when a gust of wind hit us- and shifted the angle of my camera by about 45 degrees- I completely missed the shot. I did however manage to get a shot of the sign directing us to the visitors center! I was so bummed out about missing the acutal sign- I almost asked Jan to turn around!

6-10Reflection of us in the side of this shiny black truck.

6-11Skies over Arizona. As you can tell I like taking cloud photos!


Self portrait in the back of Jan’s helmet. You can see how I’m all bundled up- I have on gloves and about 4 layers of clothes. It got pretty chilly going through the Flagstaff, AZ area. For the last 2 days they have been receiving snow! I’m so glad we didn’t have to drive through it! Our day left us in Kingman, AZ- We drove 470 miles. It feels good to get a few miles behind us. Now we only have about 990 miles left to go. OH MY! If all goes well we should make our destination on Wednesday! It will sure be good to see all our friends, the ocean and the redwoods.