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Jan and I were sitting here eating dinner when we noticed it was getting very dark outside. I decided I ought to run out and pull the plug on my boat in case the 30% chance of rain happened, as well as take the fish finder out of my boat since I’ll be out of town for a few days. As I was walking out there I saw a flash of lightning with loud thunder. As I was walking back up to the house the wind picked up and the tops of the trees started swirling. That’s when the hail started. Literally within seconds it was looking like snow on the ground. The air cooled off considerable and the fog came rolling in. It as a pretty awesome storm, all except for the tree that got snapped in the backyard.

Now I guess we need to get some of the neighbors to come on over and help us get that part of the tree cleaned up.

Clean up…

Over the last few days several different crews have come out to the neighborhood to clean up after Saturday evenings storm.

Clean up...

The county came out and cleaned up trees that were still in the roadway… (while they were here, Jan asked if they could use their equipment to scoop the leaves out of our front ditch- and happily, they did! Yea!)

Clean up...

Blue Ridge Electric finished clearing the tree off our power line…

Clean up...

They also rewired our outdoor light- without that light- it sure gets dark out here!

Clean up...

We still need to have an electrician permanently fix the connection to the house- (we are checking into getting the power line buried so we don’t have to worry about the trees) We also need to get a tree service to come out and cut up the downed trees in our lot. It’s too big of a job for Jan and I. And we need to get the vinyl siding folks out here to fix the gaping hole left in our siding where the power was originally attached to the house.

Timber…..Lights Out!

YouTube Preview Image

183We had one heck of an interesting storm yesterday evening around 5:45pm. We had been relaxing around the house when we heard a little bit of thunder. Within minutes the winds picked up and the floodgates were opened.

We got about 2.25 inches of rain in approx 30 minutes. That’s the hardest I seen it rain in a long time!


This storm brought winds in the range of 65 mph. It wasn’t a widespread storm- but it sure packed a punch! Several trees within our neighborhood toppled to the ground. Most of them were pine trees. We also lost 5-6 power poles that snapped like toothpicks.


There is no way to get a good scope of how big this pine tree is- I suspect it’s a good hundred feet tall or more- This tree was on the far end of our lot- but managed to make it’s way through the woods and take down our power line. If you look real hard you can see the line in the lower right hand side of the pic.


As you can see- the conduit containing our power line was ripped from the side of the house- We were fortunate the line within the conduit was undamaged and our power was restored around 5am this morning.


The Glassy Mountain Fire Department Rescue Unit came out to the neighborhood to clear the roads of fallen trees. I think the best part of the storm came about 3:30am – there was a knock on our door- it was the Linemen from Blue Ridge Power here to reattach the power to our house. When I answered the door the lineman said “Ma’am, I hate to bother you! But were fixin’ to do some pounding on the side of your house!” There is no doubt we live in the south!The storm did produce some beautiful fog along the lake and in the hills surrounding us…

Weather, Weather, Weather…

Today’s scenery was pretty much exclusively nasty looking clouds. When we started out this morning in Colby, KS, the skies were really dark in the south. The skies then kind of calmed down, but the sun never did really surface. Then as we proceeded east, the skies started looking a little creepy again… and even creepier….. And even creepier yet… I was able to log onto my computer using Sapp Bros internet while we were getting gas- I checked the radar and we decided it was time to call it a day, even though we only rode about 250 miles. We’re in Junction City, KS. As you can see by the radar, if we would have continued on, we would be right in the middle of severe thunderstorms with “damaging winds and hail”. We both felt like we could have continued on another 2-3 hours- but I’m glad we stopped. Better safe than sorry!

I forgot to mention….

We ate lunch in Salina, KS today- and right after we got back on the road we saw 9 vehicles that were storm chasers zoom past us heading east towards the storms ahead of us! That alone made us consider stopping early for the night!