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Christmas 2010

Arien is looking for her gift.

Next year, instead of gifts, we are just gonna give them wrapping paper!

The Cat Days of Summer…

I would say it’s the heat that’s causing the cats to be such slugs… but the honest answer: They are like this year round!


05172010 001
What a handsome little fella!

Is it time yet?

12152009 1120485Jan and I were sitting here this afternoon when we heard a rustling under the tree. That’s when Stubby came running out carrying one of my present by the bow. He laid down and was ready to open gifts. He’s still to young to realize he has to wait til Christmas!

The Joker

Stubby- Dec 2005

Stubby- Nov 2009
11092009 001

Nothing much…

Nothing much...Not much new going on around here. The last few days Jan and I have both been worn out from our work outside. The work itself wouldn’t be so bad- but with the heat and humidity it sure wears you out. Stubby will turn 4 this week. Hard to believe. He has really become a confident little dude- for those of you that have met him, you know that he use to be very skittish and shy. Earlier this week, Jan and I spread the rest of the mulch we had. We put it in an area in the backyard. We had to go get another truckload so later we can finish it up. We also transplanted a few Mountain Laurels. Originally there were some railroad ties that were used as a boundary for the “flower bed”. We’ve moved those and under one we found an Eastern Mud Salamander. It was such an awesome color.

Stubby: "I hate change!"

03302009 006

03302009 007
Poor Stubby- he doesn’t adjust well to change.

Jan and I bought some new furniture for our living room, so yesterday Habitat for Humanity come over to get the old furniture. We gave them a sofa, a love seat and a recliner, which left the living room pretty bare. Well, Stubby didn’t take to well to that at first. He hid out in the computer room for at least an hour- and throughout the day he found other hiding places throughout the house- like the plants in the sun room. But, by the end of the day, he relaxed enough to enjoy a little TV in his very own little sofa.

I don’t have the heart to tell him more change is on the way, some of our new furniture will arrive today…

Stubby says…

12242008 002

Merry Christmas!!

Brain cramp…

Earlier today I was working a Kakuro puzzle. Stubby decided to help me, but I guess he fell victim to a brain cramp and had to take a nap…

Brain cramp...

Stubby Fetching

This is an old video I had dug out of my archives, it was taken in November 2005- Stubby would have been 3 months old. He is such a smart little guy….
YouTube Preview Image