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Summer Break…

I have the next week off of school- I don’t go back til July 12th. It’s pretty exciting, even if it is a short break!  Yesterday Jan and I went out to mow the back yard- the mower Jan was using was having some technical difficulties so she went inside to call the repair shop, while I used the pushed mower along the hill between us and the lake. If there happened to be anyone watching our webcam at the time they sure got a show! It seems we have a yellow jacket nest in the yard, and I guess I mowed right over the top of it. The next thing I knew I was being attacked by a swarm of seething mad yellow jackets. Thankfully none of the neighbors were out and about at the time, since I stripped right down on the front porch trying to get them all off of me. Luckily, I only got stung twice- which is 2 times too many for me. The night got much better when Jan and I went with Ken and Linda to a local dinner theater to watch the play “Sanford in Love”. I think most everyone in the nation knows about our Governor, Mark Sanford, and his sexual exploits with a Brazilian lady. The cast did a great job poking fun at Sanford!

Today Jan and I took a trip to Atlanta and watched a Braves game (thanks to our neighbors Eric and Vicki for the tickets). Tomorrow will be a nice day here at the house with Ken and Linda for our 4th of July holiday. We’ll have to see what else we can get into over the next homework free week!