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Cades Cove 2013


We decided at the last minute (around 11:30 am) to take a quick day trip to Gatlinburg, to ride the trike through Cades Cove.





Gatlinburg 2010

Last week we drove to Gatlinburg to meet with Steve and Maggie as they travel cross country on their 2010 whirl wind tour! They rented a cabin while in the area and were gracious enough to invite us up for a night.

We had a great visit and a beautiful picnic along the river.


Jan and I have been feeling pretty antsy lately- we got a wild hair and packed up- took a quick trip to Tennessee!

We fueled up the trike…

Stopped off to get a bite to eat…
The scenery was beautiful and the weather was awesome…
tn 03
While we were there…

We rode on the Tennessee Valley Railroad…

and enjoyed the view of the Tennessee River from Signal Mountain…
signal mountain

Day 33 Road Trip- June 21, 2008

Day 33 Road Trip- June 21, 2008
Ohio River where it converges with the Mississippi River at Cairo, IL
Day 33 Road Trip- June 21, 2008
Entering Kentucky
Day 33 Road Trip- June 21, 2008
We stopped off at a little (I mean- LITTLE) BBQ place called Prince Pit BBQ, in Barlow, KY.
Day 33 Road Trip- June 21, 2008
The food was pleasantly tasty… Apparently they had been featured on the Food Networks “Good Eats”.
Day 33 Road Trip- June 21, 2008
Well- here we are in Tennessee for the 2nd time on this trip. We are nearly home. I am so excited to see our kitties. I’m sure they will be happy to see us as well, once they are through pouting… We had another wonderful day of riding. Considering how long we have been on the road- we have been very fortunate.

Day 1 Road Trip- May 20, 2008

Day 1 Road Trip- May 20, 2008
This is Jan- she is my driver and best friend! We are running away from home! We live in South Carolina- and we got a wild hair to ride our 1992 Honda Goldwing Trike out to Oregon to see the ocean and our dear friends.

Day 1 Road Trip- May 20, 2008

For what ever reason I absolutely love tunnels. This one is on I-40 in North Carolina. Every time I pass through a tunnel, it is a necessity to blow my horn.

Day 1 Road Trip- May 20, 2008

Entering Tennessee

Day 1 Road Trip- May 20, 2008Hi, I’m Lori, as co-rider, I get to sit in the back and relax for the most part. Of course I help watch for traffic and such- but mostly I get to enjoy the scenery! Our first day started out a little shaky. We had headwinds most of the way, and our gas mileage was horrible. But I asked a good friend to pray to the MPG gods. Thanks to her our MPG increased a good bit the next day!


After our first day- we were both pretty tired. But we are having a great time for sure. Our first stop was in Hurricane Mills, TN- Home of Loretta Lynn.