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Cades Cove 2013


We decided at the last minute (around 11:30 am) to take a quick day trip to Gatlinburg, to ride the trike through Cades Cove.





Sunday Ride

Spring= BRP

With Spring time here- It also means trips to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Looking Glass Falls

Black Cherry

Jan got herself a new Trike- it’s a 2006 Honda Goldwing 1800. It has a 2008 California Sidecar trike kit. It’s a sharp looking machine!

Drive faster….

YouTube Preview Image

…I hear banjo music!

Marching Forward…

05152010 001
It’s been real quiet here since I returned from my trip to Omaha. I’ve mostly been spending my time thinking about going back to school. I’ve been pretty nervous, (nervous is probably an understatement- freaking out is a little closer to the truth) but I’m starting to calm down now that I have my textbooks- The 2 classes I’m taking this summer don’t seem as intimidating as they did when I first made the decision to embark on this little journey. I’m not a very social person, and I honestly think that’s one of my biggest obstacles. I guess I’m gonna have to overcome my shyness and march forward!

Take time to smell the….tulips!

03072010 046

The weather has been awesome here the last couple of days- so nice in fact that the tulips are starting to come up! (thanks Kay for the tulips). We went out for another ride today, and it was so much warmer than Friday. Okay so it was only about 10 degrees warmer, but that makes a huge difference on the back of the trike!

03072010 016

Born to Ride…

03052010 004

Things warmed up a bit today (low 50’s) So Jan and I decided to take a little ride to Clemson for a late lunch. It’s a pretty ride past Table Rock State Park.

03052010 011

Tricky Turn

1011091534A couple of weeks ago Jan and I were out for a little ride on the trike, trying to see if our” low fuel” light would come one (we’ve never seen it before, so we’re not sure if it works). We rode all around the Travelers Rest area where we would be close to a gas station, when we came across this sight. We could have turned around and gone another way, but instead we sat there for a little over an hour watching the crew trying to make a tight turn with this large load. In order to get the house around the corner, they had to back it up into the field on the left. Unfortunately they couldn’t get the house back up over the ditch once they got it straightened out. They ended up have to get a large front-end loader to come help pull it out. We never did find out if our “low fuel” light turns on- we had to hurry back home because my Aunt Cindy and Cousin Kristy were coming for a visit.

Sunny Beaches

09122009 01009122009 013Jan and I spent a nice day here at Myrtle Beach- We came down here with our buddy Radar- and earlier today the 3 of us met up with some of our friends from Chapter E for a plaque capture.  Our chapter didn’t get the plaque (we came in 2nd) but it was still a lot of fun. Then this evening we had a great dinner down in Murrells Inlet!

I love the sea oats on the sand dunes.

09122009 040