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Egans Creek Greenway 2012 – Part III

Egans Creek Greenway 2012

Last Day on the Trail

As I was walking along the trail, I saw this Blue Heron on the hunt, while I was watching, several people can walking, biking and jogging by and the Heron stood still. I waited, and about 5 minutes later it started hunting again, walking through the water real slow… When suddenly he snatched a crawdad out of the water.

Each day on the trail I saw dozens of turtles- they are everywhere!

I didn’t see many White Egrets along the trail. Mostly I saw they flying in the distance. And the ones I did see spooked really easy.

Egans Creek Greenway Day II

Egans Creek Greenway

Sunday Stroll

09272009 003



Meet Moses, Jan spotted him on the dock earlier this morning and I went out to get some shots of him. I quietly walked across the yard towards the lake, crouched down, and was only able to take 3 photos before he disappeared on the 4th shot. I guess he doesn’t want his picture taken. It kind of made me feel like paparazzi photographing the “star of the hour”. Moses has got to be the biggest turtle in our lake. I estimate he is about 12″ long and around 8-10 inches wide. (the photos really don’t do him justice) He was put in our lake (and given the name Moses) about 5 or 6 years ago when a friend of Jan’s brought him here. Apparently she had found him in the middle of a road and thought he would be safer and happier in the lake.

After the first “photo shoot” Moses came back for a brief (1 photo) encore, about 10 minutes after his first performance. Hopefully the dock will continue to be his venue of choice for future appearances.


Sunny day…

It was such a wonderful day today-

03072009 003
We went for a little ride through the country on the trike-

03072009 015
Met up with good friends at a Goldwing event-

03072009 040
and I took in some fishing and saw several
turtles…. I even caught a fish!