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Salt Lick Bar-B-Que

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Check out this Bar-B-Que Pit at the Salt Lick in Autstin, TX. We stopped off to visit some friends on our way home from our little journey and they took us out to eat at their favorite Bar-B-Que in Texas.

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See all the people… now multiply that by ten, and that’s close to how many people were waiting to get inside to eat.

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We had a great time visiting while we waited our turn- quite surprisingly it only took about an hour to get a table. (l-r) Lexi, Em and Paul.
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The food was awesome and well worth the wait- thanks Paul, Angela, Em & Lexi

More of the same…

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Today’s Journey out of AZ, through NM and into TX looked just like the scenery we’ve been seeing over the last several days… that is until this evening.

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Sunset in the side mirror of Hans… and a psychedelic “ride” parked outside of Chuy’s Mexican restaurant in Van Horn, TX

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Day 4 Road Trip- May 23, 2008


We had a calm spot in the road so I thought I would try to take a few pictures! And just in case you forgot what I look like- here I am!

Skies over Texas. Today has been a funny day temperature wise. We went from blistering skies and ice chilled bandannas around our necks in Texas, to very chilly air and jackets in New Mexico.

After a day of being beaten and battered by the winds across OK, TX and eastern NM, Jan and I were both ready for a margarita!

Oklahoma landscape- Well the winds have not improved in the least bit. For a fact- I think they are much worse. We are really having to struggle through the winds again today. Our goal is to make it to Albuquerque, NM, but thats not gonna happen. We will end up having to stop in Santa Rosa, NM.

Entering Texas! Remember in my Day 3 post when I said Oklahoma was not my favorite state? Well I have seriously reconsidered that statement and would like to now announce that Texas is NOT my favorite state. It was windy, hot, and desolate. I am so glad we only had to drive through the panhandle of the state!!! It was so windy- I almost missed the shot of the sign.

This is Asher- she is one of our riding companions. Jan and I bought her when we were on our first cross country road trip together. She has been a good companion. Rarely complains about the wind, temps or rain.
The view of the back of our bike. We have a utility trailer to carry all our clothes, books and a cooler full of water. Our good friend Ken built us a box to mount on the tongue of the trailer so we have a place to store some extra fuel. When you have such a small gas tank, you need to stop quite often for gas. And I’m sure at some point down the road we may find ourselves in a position of being miles from the nearest gas station.
Entering New Mexico. Once again we didn’t travel quite as far as we would have liked. I think we made it about 360 miles. But we were both quite ready to stop.