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Summer or Fall?

With the high temperatures and humidity, it sure feels like Summer, but it’s looking like Fall…

June 13, 2010 Distractions…

This afternoon a bunny came streaking across the backyard and plopped down at the corner of the yard. I suppose the heat ( 97 degrees, which broke a record for Greenville) and speed at which she traveled wore her to a frazzle. She looked so relaxed as she gazed over towards the lake.  Once she disappeared into the woods I couldn’t help but notice how pretty the Gardenia bush is looking!

The back forty…

Jan is suppose to be on a cross country motorcycle trip right now, but due to some unforeseen complications, the trip has been canceled. So instead, she is getting a little riding in on the lawn mower as she “clears” the back forty.

Green Green Grass of Home!

04272010 001
It feels good having grass in the front yard!

Keith the “Saint”?

Last night I talked to our neighbor- Keith the “Redneck”, about borrowing his BIG leaf blower. We needed to get the leaves up off the ground so our other neighbor- Eric the “Landscaper” could bring his crew over to put down some more seed and see if we could get this yard looking half way decent. Anyway, back to Keith. When we talked to him earlier this morning he said the leaf blower was a bugger to get started so to let him know when I would be coming to get it, and he would help me get it started. Well the next thing we knew- he was out there clearing the backyard! So does that mean we now have to start referring to him as Keith the “Saint”?

10302009 003


Over the last year and a half Jan and I have made a lot of changes out back near the lake. Hard to believe what it use to look like! (the first photo is late June 2008 and the last photo is today)

It’s that time of year again

09172009 040

Abandoned in the rain

09092009 002
Jan and I went out today to clear the remainder of the brush along the shoreline of the lake. The original plan was to use the lawn tractor and a little trailer to haul the brush off to the woods for dumping. Well, that didn’t quite work out. The lawn mower stalled out and wouldn’t start- then the storm came. Guess the lawn mower gets a bath today- and the brush gets to stay just a little longer…

Nothing much…

Nothing much...Not much new going on around here. The last few days Jan and I have both been worn out from our work outside. The work itself wouldn’t be so bad- but with the heat and humidity it sure wears you out. Stubby will turn 4 this week. Hard to believe. He has really become a confident little dude- for those of you that have met him, you know that he use to be very skittish and shy. Earlier this week, Jan and I spread the rest of the mulch we had. We put it in an area in the backyard. We had to go get another truckload so later we can finish it up. We also transplanted a few Mountain Laurels. Originally there were some railroad ties that were used as a boundary for the “flower bed”. We’ve moved those and under one we found an Eastern Mud Salamander. It was such an awesome color.

I apologize in advance!

I apologize in advance!

I know, I know… you guys are probably getting tired of seeing photos of our yard. But hey… We are quite proud and happy with the way the grass is growing. The places that are kind of “lifted” up, is where the straw is sticking up. The grass is really filling in nicely. It will undoubtedly need to be reseeded to finish out the lawn, but we (along with everyone else in our neighborhood) are quite impressed! The top picture is the front yard and the bottom is the back yard. You can see the unfinished area in the middle of the back yard. Today I cleared it out from last years leaves and got it ready to plant some monkey grass, replace the rotted railroad ties and then we will put down some mulch as well. Jan spent her afternoon mowing along the lake and on the hill headed to the lake (which was quite harrowing since the mower doesn’t have brakes!
I apologize in advance!