May 25, 2011

05252011 005
The biggest of four fish caught today

First Cast

05222011 002
Since I have the summer off from school I thought I would try to do a little fishing. Today was unbearably hot, so this evening I went out for a little while- even with bug spray, I got eaten up by bugs. But I caught this LITTLE bass on my first cast.

A Little Flare

09292009 003

I caught a couple more bass today… none of them were very big.  I have better pictures of the fish- but I chose this one because I really like the lens flare…

Double the Fun…

09282009 014

09282009 004Under normal situations, saying that I caught 2 bass really wouldnt be a big deal, and to be honest, it’s not much of a big deal today. But considering I have only caught a handful of fish this year, it feels good to have caught the 2 that I did. Today is one of the first days that I actually spent any time out fishing this whole summer. The Bass weren’t very big, but they seemed to like the Culprit worm that I was fishing with. I had a couple of good bites, one of which snapped my line… bummer!

Odd Summer…

09072009 005

It’s been kind of an odd summer for me this year. Not sure why, but I haven’t been out fishing much at all. Last summer I was out pretty much every evening trying to catch something. I’ve maybe been out about a dozen times this summer.  I spent some time away from home visiting family- and we were busy keeping the yard watered and moving  about 2.5 tons of river rock as well as 2 truckloads of mulch. I need to get back out there and see whats biting. Maybe if I did I would catch fishing fever again.

Cooling off…

Fishing…What a great way to cool down after a hot humid day. I didn’t really do a lot today- We had some landscapers in spreading some top soil. Mostly I stood around and did nothing. This evening I did build a “form” for a cement pad that I need to pour out at the front door. Anyway- even though it was a quiet day I still got pretty hot. Fishing seemed to be the perfect way to cool off. I only went our for about 40 minutes. but I caught 2 decent sized bass (the one on the left I caught on a Culprit brand worm and the one above I caught on a nightcrawler) Below I had a freeloader riding around the lake with me!

Bluegill? or Bream?

Bluegill? or Bream?
Last month I was talking to one of our neighbors about fishing out in the lake. He had just been out with his little girl, and had caught a couple of bass. I mentioned to him that I had only caught one Bluegill so far this year and was kinda concerned about what was happening. I explained that the Bluegill hadn’t seemed to start bedding yet for the year, which at that point was a few weeks later than usual. He kinda looked at me funny and said he had NEVER caught a Bluegill out of our lake. I couldn’t believe that- the last 2 summers I had been pulling them our left and right- and they were huge to boot. We continued our conversation, and as he was getting ready to head home he mentioned the only fish he had caught in the lake were Bass and Bream! It finally clicked for me— Here in the south, they are called Bream! So, with that being said, here’s a photo of a Bream I caught today!

Long time no fish…

Long time no fish...Long time no fish...I haven’t really had a chance to fish for the last month. First we went to Texas and I was only back home for 2 days and off to Nebraska I went… Last night I had a good chance to get out there and fish for awhile. I had several bites and brought in 2 fish. It was good to get out there and enjoy the evening. I started using a new artificial worm. It’s made by Culprit- my brother told me about them. He uses one that is Tequilla colored. I couldn’t find that, but I did buy some Crawdad colored worms. The fish seemed to like them!


Here are a few of my fishing essentials:

  • Oars
  • Water bottle
  • Rod & Reel
  • Camera w/ Telephoto zoom
  • Tackle Bag

It seems I am only able to catch the small fish right now! Not too sure what the problem is- but I’m sure things will pick up quite a bit. I think all of the rain we have had has kind of put things in a funk. Normally the first full moon of May the Bluegill start nesting and biting like crazy- but they really haven’t started yet. In a week we leave for our trip to Texas. Hopefully when we get back they will be on a run!

06012009 022
Below you can see one of my favorite fishing spots-

06012009 pan

Last day of May…

Last day of May...

– May 31, 2009 –

Last day of May...